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Thank You #GotGameNation!

Our 2015 tournament season is NOW OFFICIALLY IN THE BOOKS!!! Thank you to our #GotGameNation for a wonderful season. We hope you all enjoy your Holidays and off season.  Looking forward to seeing you all in 2016!

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Florida State 2016 Camp – FYI

I talked today with Lonni Alameda, the Florida State University Softball coach, and we have set our meeting in December to work out the details of our “Camp 7” benefitting the Taylor Foster Scholarship Fund.  This Softball camp will be at Springwood Park in Burlington NC on July 11,12.  I wanted to provide an update because I have received many texts and calls from coaches/parents wanting details for the camp.  I hope to be able to provide those details by the end of December.   Lonni and I will decide how many sessions/players/days/cost/etc during our meeting next month.  I will also have to decide how I will accept registration for this.  I hope to have another update by end of December.

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Got Game Fastpitch/VA ASA Joint Announcement – FYI/Huntersville NC 2016 Dates

I am proud to announce to our teams tonight that Got Game Fastpitch and VA ASA has reached an agreement to host at least 2 events together next season.  The 2 dates that are booked and confirmed are May 28-29, 2016 in Bedford, Forest and Appomattox VA and September 24-25, 2016 in the Roanoke/Salem VA area.  Our September event will be a Benefit event for the “Help Save the Next Girl” Foundation.  You can visit their website at

Help Save the Next Girl is a national non-profit organization formed in honor of Morgan Dana Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who was abducted and murdered in 2009. We seek to sensitize young women and girls to predatory danger.

You can sign up with us as you have in the past by emailing me at or you can enter by going to the VA ASA website at We will have more info later about these events and will coordinate our Who’s Playing to keep it accurate.  It is time to show the support we receive from Got Game Nation and get these events filled up soon.  It is the support that you have shown us that allowed this joint venture to occur.  We are honored to be working with VA ASA in 2016 and it is just the beginning of our partnership.

I just received today our Approved dates for 2016 in a new area for Got Game NC ASA.  We were awarded 3 dates in the Huntersville NC area.  Those dates are April 16-17 and July 30-31 at Bradford Park and June 25-26 at North Mecklenburg Park.  I will have more information soon about 2 more new parks we will be playing at in 2016.  I will have dates soon for Salisbury Community Park in Salisbury NC and Crooked Creek Park in Indian Trail NC.


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“FSU supporting Taylor Foster

FSUTAYLOR 2015FSU softball  This picture was sent to me from Coach Lonni and the FSU Softball team.  We sent down 25 shirts from our Taylor Foster Benefit tournament in September.  You can also see in the pic a few of the Original tournament shirts from 2013.  The team will be wearing these shirts (as they have in the past 2 years) under their jerseys in 2016.   More details will be out before Christmas concerning the 2016 FSU Softball Camp we will host in Burlington NC.  It is now planned for July 11th and 12th.  We will have a meeting with Lonni early December to finalize camp details.

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3n2 Sports – FYI

I wanted to let teams know that as part of our new involvement with 3n2 Sports, you can now place TEAM ORDERS thru us.  Please email me at for more information on pricing and products.  This is for TEAM ORDERS ONLY, NOT individual orders.  You can see their products at and (for customized products).  We can help you with uniform and cleat/training shoe orders.  IMG_20150915_191401

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Florida State University Softball Camp 2016 DATE BOOKED

Coach Lonni Alameda from Florida State University and Got Game have reached an agreement to host a Softball Camp with her and her staff on Monday and Tuesday, July 11-12, 2016 in Burlington NC.  The camp will be held at Springwood Park.  ALL proceeds will go to the Taylor Foster Scholarship Fund.  I will have more details mid December.  This camp will be open to teams/players that have played with Got Game FIRST.  IF any spots left I will open up to others.  Once all the details have been worked out, I will post an application to the website.  I will ask players/teams to make a partial payment at the time you send in your application to HOLD your spot.  IT will be 1st come, 1st served.  In honor of Taylor, we are calling this CAMP 7.  Thank you again to all the teams that played  in The Memorial Tournament.  I hope to continue this camp each July with FSU and those participating in Taylor’s Memorial events will be given first shot at participating in the camp the following July.  Her Memorial tournament will be in September each year.  FSU softball

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Decker Sports Announcement – FYI

Decker logo I wanted to let everyone know that we have reached a new 3 Year Agreement with Decker Sports to allow the Decker Shark ASA Softball to continue to be the “OFFICIAL BALL OF GOT GAME FASTPITCH”. We are very excited that Decker believes in us and OUR FUTURE! Decker logo

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2016 Got Game NC ASA Pre-Paid Tournament Packages – FYI

I had planned to release this information in October but many teams have been requesting them, so I will post some information now on our 2016 Pre-Paid Tournament Packages.  Teams can now purchase these packages now for the 2016 SEASON.  For $1200 teams will receive 5 PRE-PAID Tournament cards that can used at any of our 4 Game Guarantee events.  With pretty much all events set to be between $295 and $315 (4 Game Guarantees) next season, teams will actually be receiving 1 FREE Tournament by purchasing a package.  At this time, I will be selling 10 of these packages (LIMIT 2 per team) beginning tonight.  I may also sell a limited supply in December and January although that has not been decided yet.  I will begin taking requests at for those interested in purchasing a package(s).  These tournament cards will be VALID for 2016 AND 2017.  They are NON-TRANSFERABLE to other teams.  I will email teams back and let them know if they requested a package(s) in time.  I will give teams until September 30th to pay. Once you receive confirmation from me that you can purchase a package(s), please send payment to: Got Game NC ASA Attn: Tournament Package 195 Beaver Run, Eden NC 27288

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Age guidelines for ASA

Since we began our association with NC ASA in June, I have been asked several times concerning our move up date policy that I posted earlier this season.  I have decided that instead of waiting until next season to adopt the ASA age guidelines, I will begin it this season.  I have listed below a statement from the ASA code book.  Any player eligible for the age that she is playing now, will be eligible to play it the rest of this year.  I am working to simplify our additions/exceptions to the ASA Rule book and this is one of the items that we were different on.  I had to go to the age policy in 2016, but it was up to me to finish out our season with my move up policy for October 1st or adopt the ASA guidelines now.  I feel it is best for us to move forward and adopt it now.  I hope those who disagree with my decision will understand that this opportunity with ASA did not materialize until late Spring and it came together really quickly.  I have been wrestling with this decision for weeks and now is the time to announce it.  Thanks to all of our teams for their support.  We will celebrate our 2 year anniversary next month and we are excited that we are now a part of ASA.


The ASA code book for 2010 states that a player’s age on December 31 determines which division that player will be eligible to play in the following year. All players must have proof of age upon registration regardless of division. Younger players may play in older divisions but not vice versa.


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“Strike Out Hunger VA” donations total weight is……..

I wanted to give everyone a total of what the teams that played in our “Strike Out Hunger VA” raised for the Southwest VA Food Bank – The total now is 5800 pounds BEFORE they weigh all the peanut butter that was donated.  The total will be OVER 6,000 0r 3 tons.  We are all so proud of the teams, parents, fans etc that brought food out over Saturday and Sunday in Salem and Roanoke VA.  They had asked me last week to let teams know that their item of the month they needed was peanut butter and they were so happy to receive so much of it for the families they serve.  We have 1 more “Strike Out Hunger VA” and 2 more “Strike Out Hunger NC” events still to come this season.  I would love to see the 4 events raise over 20000 pounds or 10 tons of food this season.  God bless all of our #GotGameNation!

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