We now have GAMETIMES posted for this weekend’s “Mother’s Day Celebration” tournaments in NC and Virginia.  We need ALL teams to VERIFY to us that you have received your times.  Please email us at or by text to 910.690.3556.  I will NOT reply to texts or emails until late tomorrow morning.  I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have sent me Get Well texts.  I am doing better but will not be answering any texts or emails tonight.  I hope to get back to a normal schedule by Thursday.  Thank you again to all those who have checked in on me and once I am better I will reply to them all.  God Bless, Tim

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NC ASA State Tourney – FYI

The DEADLINE for payment for our 2016 NC ASA State Tournament in 10u, 12u and 14u is JUNE 1st. EACH team must also be SANCTIONED with NC ASA by that date as well.  You can send in your $30 sanction with your Entry Fee payment but please make that check out to NC ASA.  The tournament entry fee is to be made out to Got Game NC ASA.  We also need to know if your team needs a later start of Friday, June 10.  We will have to start play that Friday morning.  This is a State Championship Play event so we are mandated by ASA to NOT max out the number of entries in each age.  With that being said, the number of teams/fields set for each age will dictate whether an age remains at a 4 Game Guarantee or move to a 3 Game Guarantee.  The bracket play will be a 3 Game Guaranteed bracket format.  We will have more information on this as tourney gets nearer.  We hope to post GAMETIMES on June 3rd.  Please send Tournament Entry Fee to: Got Game NC ASA 195 Beaver Run Eden NC 27288 ATTN: NC ASA States



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Memorial Day Madness VA Parks/Ages ANNOUNCED

Our “Memorial Day Madness Virginia” that we are co-hosting with Virginia ASA is now ready to announce the sites for each age.  1ou will play at 1 or more of the parks in Bedford, Virginia.  The 12u age will play at Appomattox Community Park in Appomattox, Virginia and 14u will play at the Forest Youth Athletic Association in Forest, Virginia.  We will take teams for this event up until Friday, May 20th.  You can enter this event by contacting us at or to John McPhail of Virginia ASA at


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NC ASA State Tourney Shirt Info/April tournaments/FSU Camp/Memorial Day Madness

We wanted to let everyone know that the DEADLINE to enter and have your ENTRY FEE PAID to participate in our 2016 NC ASA State Tournament for 10u, 12u and 14u is JUNE 1st.  This is ALSO the DEADLINE for Team Tournament T-shirt orders to be submitted.  You may pick up your shirts at the park you are playing at and pay for them on Friday, June 10.  We are ONLY taking TEAM Pre-orders at this time (minimum 8 shirts) and there will be a limited supply at the tournament sites.  We suggest that you designate a parent to contact your entire team to collect your order.  Tourney shirts are $20 and we have a picture of the shirt listed below.  This event is open to NC TEAMS ONLY in 10u, 12u and 14u. Please send your team shirt order to  The 16u/18u age will be playing the next weekend in Raleigh and you can contact Rick McHone if your team would like to enter.  His email is  This is an ASA Championship Play event and we will be using ONLY ASA Rules for this tourney.  As your team sanctions with ASA in NC or any other state you will be given the 2016 ASA Rulebook and Scorebook.  The winners of each age will earn a paid berth to the ASA National Tournament.  For 10u that is in Stockton, California; 12u will be in Salem, VA (with John McPhail); and 14u will play in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Please let us know if your team has any conflicts with play beginning on Friday, June 10.  For State Championship play, we do NOT have a cutoff of how many teams we can take.  The FINAL number of teams in each age will determine whether our brackets will be a 3GG or a 4GG.  We will do our best to start your team late on Friday if you have any conflicts with school. We hope to have GAMETIMES posted by Friday, June 3rd so the June 1st DEADLINE date will be enforced.  This event is ran in conjunction with Randy Nelson of NC ASA.  The Tournament Director over all 3 sites and ages will be Tim Doby.

We will begin to pre-sell our tournament shirts soon for our “Memorial Day Madness” event that is being ran in conjunction with John McPhail and Virginia ASA .  It will be held in Bedford, Appomattox and Forest, Virginia.  We have already decided that the 10u age will be in Bedford.  We have not made a decision on the other 3 ages.  The pre-order will be the same as the NC ASA State Championship shirt.  We will have limited supplies at the parks so please have someone take your team order and have it ready to send in to us.  We also have a joint tournament with Virginia ASA in the Roanoke Valley (Botetourt, Moyer, etc) on September 24,25.  It is a benefit for the “Save the Next Girl” Foundation.  You will be seeing several more joint events next season in Virginia with Got Game and Virginia ASA.  We have already agreed to co-host the “Autism Awareness Benefit” next April and will have an announcement soon with the other tournaments we will run together.

We still have a few spots left for our Florida State University Camp that will be help in Burlington, NC on July 11,12.  For more information please go to or email us at  Each camper receives a t-shirt and it is shown below.

Here is pic of the 2016 NC ASA State Championship Shirt.  DEADLINE to have in email to us is June 1st.

2016 NC ASA State TourneyFSU Camp shirt

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16u/18u Select August 12-14 JUST ADDED/”Spring Break” UPDATE

I wanted to give teams/parents an update concerning some of our tournaments.  I have made our August 12-14 event at Carolyn Allen Park in Greensboro NC now into a 16u/18u Select tournament.  Each team will play 2 Pool games on Friday and Saturday.  We will seed teams overnight and teams will play a Single Elimination bracket on Sunday, August 14.  For more information on this event, please go to the SPRING/FALL section of our website.  I can take 24 teams MAX for this event.

I can now take teams for BOTH our “Spring Break” tournaments this weekend up until Wednesday, March 30 until Noon.  At Springwood Park in Burlington NC our 10u age is FULL (IF 12u does not MAX out I can take more) and our 12u age can take 2 more teams.  This is a 5 Game Guarantee tournament for 10u and 12u at Burlington.  14u and 16u/18u will play a 1 Day 3 Game Guarantee at Freedom Park in Eden NC on SUNDAY, April 3rd.  We can take 2 more 10u, 3 more in 12u and 3 more in 14u for our “Spring Break VA” set for April 2,3.  10u and 14u will play at the Moyer Complex in Salem, VA and the 12u age will play at the Northside HS Complex in Roanoke VA. Please email me at to enter this or any of our tournaments.

I wanted to alert teams/parents/players about a new website that NC ASA has gone live with today.  The website is  You can find information there about NC ASA events, umpire information and links to the USA Softball website and much more.  You can also LIKE the NC ASA Facebook page there to get updates and also a link to our Twitter account.  Although we at Got Game have our own Facebook and Twitter pages, we also post information and pictures to the NC ASA ones as well. Beginning in 2017, ASA will become known as USA SOFTBALL so you will notice some changes in the next several months.  ASA is the National Governing Body of Softball and has always sponsored our US National Team and during the Olympics, the USA SOFTBALL team.  We are very hopeful that Softball will return to the Olympics in 2020.  I will be having more information as the season progresses on the transition for ASA to USA SOFTBALL.  Please visit this new site and stay connected to not only Got Game NC ASA but all of NC ASA.

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2016 Notes – FYI

Here are some items we went over at our NC and VA Coaches Meetings during January and February.  I wanted everyone to be updated before we begin our 2016 Tournament Schedule this weekend.

– Teams must turn in ROSTERS BEFORE your 1st GAME, whether that is a Warmup or Pool game.  IF you have any players who may only be available on Sunday, they MUST be on the ROSTER when you turn it in.  You will not be allowed to add players once you turn in roster. 

– ASA Roster form is available on our website, and go to the header ASA LINKS.  Please go to the FILLABLE ASA Roster Form and type in player info and save/print.  ONLY PRINTED ASA ROSTER FORMS will be accepted at our NC ASA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in 10u, 12u, and 14u for June 10-12.  I will accept hand written forms in other events but I encourage teams to please use the fillable form and save/print and use that to turn in to directors.

– Teams must pay Entry Fee by Noon on Saturdays.  Many times last season my Site Directors are calling me so that I can contact teams that haven’t paid and it is late on Saturdays.  I encourage my Directors to collect fees by Noon on Saturdays and get those fees placed in their vehicles or turned in to the Gate worker.  Please help me with this issue this season. 

– One question that comes up often is do I need to turn in a roster each weekend even though my roster hasn’t changed?  Answer is YES.  I need a ROSTER turned in each weekend for Insurance Purposes. 

-Each player is allowed to TEMPORARY PLAY 3 times during Summer (June,July,August). Other months are OPEN Rosters. TEMPORARY Release forms are on website. This does not apply to our 2016 NC ASA State Championship for 10u, 12u and 14u on June 10-12.

– Each team is allowed 4 Coaches/Scorekeeper to be allowed into the tournaments.  As you know I give my gate staff a Coaches Sign in sheet and they ask you for your Initials.  Many times last season we had the Head Coach come to sign in and the 4 spots have already been taken.  PLEASE designate to your team before each event who your 4 will be. 

– Each team is also only allowed 4 Coaches/Scorekeeper in team dugout.  This is just a reminder as we had no issues with this last season.  I made a point to teams about this issue at last years Coaches meetings and teams really helped us with this last season. 

– Our daily Gate Fees for 2016 will be: $6 Adults, $3 Seniors. 12 and under FREE.  Some events in VA there will be no Gate Fees.  Those are designated on our Website under the Spring/Fall Who’s Playing section of our website. 

– During Warmup/Pool play I will again allow FREE DEFENSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS.  This doesn’t apply to ASA Championship Play, which for us this season will only be June 10-12 during our NC ASA State Championship in 10u, 12u and 14u. 

– To eliminate any confusion, this season I will replace Blue/Green/White brackets with Gold/Silver/Bronze.  This has been a request from many coaches/parents.  Since I do not allow teams to sign up as an A or B team, the only way to be fair to many teams is to split into separate Brackets after Pool play.  I usually do not split unti we get over 12 teams in an age but the younger ages will many times be split at lower number. 

-I wanted to let our NC 10u, 12u and 14u teams know that they do NOT have to purchase the Individual Player Insurance cards for our State Tournament set for June 10-12. IF your team qualifies for further ASA Championship Play or play in Regional Qualifiers then you MUST have the Individual Player Cards.  You can find that information at or you can contact me if you have any questions. 

– Sanction fees for 2016 will be $3o for NC ASA and $25 for Got Game Fastpitch.  IF you will not play with us in NC you will only be required to pay the Got Game sanction.  Once you sanction ASA whether in NC or Virginia, you are sanctioned for all states.  IF you purchase the Individual Players Cards thru ASA Bolinger Insurance your sanction fee is covered in that and your State Commissioner will send you your packet.  Otherwise, if you sanction NC ASA at your 1st event with us in NC, we will give you the 2016 ASA Rulebook and Scorebook. 

– One question that I have received many time during the off season is can Virginia teams play in our NC ASA State Tournament.  The answer is NO.  ONLY NC based teams are eligible.  You can sign up for your Virginia ASA State Tournament by emailing John McPhail at or by going to  The Virginia ASA State tournament in ALL ages is set for June 17-19 in the Roanoke Valley. 

– We still have a few spots available for our Florida State University Softball Camp.  It is set for July 11,12 at Springwood Park in Burlington NC.  12u and up can either participate 1 day for $100 or both days for $150.  Our 10u will have their camp on Monday, July 11 from 6pm to 8:30pm.  10u camp is $50.  ALL Players will receive a camp t-shirt.  You can sign up for this camp at  Coach Lonni is planning on bringing several current and former FSU Players including Jessica Burroughs, Lacey Waldrop, Maddie O’Brien and Macey Cheatham. She also will be adding more head coaches from other college programs as we get nearer the time of the camp.  Our Preferred Hotel for this event is the Ramada Convention Center in Burlington NC and that hotel info is listed under HOTELS on our website. 

– Please contact me if you have any questions on any of these topics.  You can contact me at 910.690.3556 or at   We look forward to seeing the teams back on the Diamond in 2016.


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Got Game Showcase VA – Dinwiddie Sports Complex August 27,28

We have made our August 27, 28 date at Dinwiddie Sports Complex in Sutherland Virginia a SHOWCASE (16u and 18u) event.  I have listed all the information concerning this event on our Spring/Fall Who’s Playing section of the website.  I can take a MAX of 12 teams for this 5 Game Guarantee Showcase.  Teams will play 3 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday.  ALL players will receive a Tournament shirt and ALL gate fees are included in the Entry fee.  We will do our best to make sure we have college coaches in attendance BUT I remind teams/parents that the task of making sure the colleges your daughter/player is interested in and showing up belongs to you. Contacting coaches by letters and emails are preferred method to let them know your daughter/player is interested in their school.   Dinwiddie Sports Complex is a beautiful park that  is right off Highway 460 in Sutherland.  Got Game is the 1st Travel Organization to be allowed to host events at this facility. We are honored they chose us and we hope to fill up both dates (10u and 12u will be at this park July 30, 31)  Please let me kn0w if your team would like to play by emailing me at  This is a PRE-PAY event.  Entry fee and team t-shirt sizes are due by August 15.  ALL information is on Spring/Fall section of website.



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June 10-12 NC ASA State Tournament 10u, 12u, 14u UPDATE

I wanted to let 10u, 12u and 14u NC teams know that you will NOT have to purchase the Individual Picture ID Cards (INSURANCE) for your players in order to play in our State tournament for those 3 ages.  This event will take place on June 10-12.  1ou will play at Summerfield Athletic Park in Summerfield NC.  12u will be at Carolyn Allen Park in Greensboro NC.  14u will be at Springwood Park in Burlington NC.  Teams MUST sanction with ASA which costs $30 (you will receive 2016 ASA Rulebook and Scorebook) and have valid insurance in order to participate in the State tournament.  I know many teams did not consider or have dropped this event due to this extra cost to their team.  We hope this will allow more teams to participate in our NC ASA State tournament.  Please call/text me at 910.690.3556 or by email at if you have any questions or you would like to enter this event.

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Preferred Hotel for Florida State University Camp – FYI

I have reached an agreement with the Ramada Inn and Conference Center to be our Preferred Hotel for our Florida State University Camp in July and for our events in Burlington NC this season.  The rate for the FSU Camp will be $72 a night for 2 Double beds.  For individual rooms, please call the Front Desk at 336.227.5541.  For Team Group rates for this event AND Got Game NC ASA tournaments in Burlington, please contact Lucy Wallace at 336.369.0482.  I have listed some details about the Ramada Inn below.  Lucy can also help you in booking rooms at the Best Western in Burlington as well.  Please contact her ASAP if you need hotel accommodations as this rate will expire June 26th (I had them block off 10 rooms today) and rooms will be released.
Ramada Burlington Hotel and Conference Center
2703 Ramada Road, Burlington NC  27215
Newly Renovated in 2013/2014
138 beautiful guest rooms including suites, kings and doubles
FREE Hot breakfast buffet
FREE USA Today and FREE local phone calls
All rooms include micro-fridge, coffee maker, ironing board/iron & hair dryer
64 Channel cable TV and HBO
Flat Panel TVs
FREE wireless internet – recently upgraded
Interior and Exterior Corridors
ADA Rooms available
Meeting space for 10-600 people
Outdoor pool (seasonal)
40 West Restaurant on site – includes a grill & bar open in the evenings
      from 5pm-9pm – Tues. – Sat.
Outlet shopping nearby, .05 miles
Conveniently located at Exit 143 off I-85 & I-40

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Florida State Summer Camp Registration NOW OPEN

Registration is now OPEN for our Florida State University Softball Camp that will take place at Springwood Park in Burlington NC on July 11,12.  The website to register for this camp is   This camp is in honor of Taylor Foster and we have information on her and details about the camp on our website.  Please go to SOFTBALL CAMPS and CLICK ON Camp 7 LINKS.  IF you have any questions about the camp please email me at


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