2018 USA Softball of NC Team Sanction Info

Beginning with the 2018 season, we will NO longer be sanctioning teams at our events in NC.  Teams MUST be sanctioned before they come to the events.  We have previously posted the information about getting your teams sanction fee for FREE IF you purchase insurance thru Bollinger Insurance.  Your sanction fee is INCLUDED IF you purchase the individual players/coaches insurance cards thru Bollinger.  The cards are required for Championship Play events in USA Softball.  For those that do NOT choose to purchase the USA Softball insurance thru Bollinger, the ONLY way to get sanctioned BEFORE you play your 1st event this year is by going to our USA Softball of NC Fastpitch website at www.USASoftballNC.org and purchasing your sanction online thru PayPal. Go to the right side of that home page to see where to begin paying your sanction. The cost of the sanction fee this year is $40 and it is valid thru December 31, 2018.  You will receive a receipt you can use to show at tournaments that you have paid your sanction until your packet arrives in the mail.  In your packet you will receive the 2018 USA Softball Rulebook, scorebook and sanction card.  This is for our events in NC; For our events in Virginia (Got Game events), teams MAY STILL sanction at their 1st tourney if they choose to not print out form and mail in.  For our joint tourneys with USA Softball of Virginia in that state, teams MUST be sanctioned with USA Softball.  IF you have any questions, please contact Tim at timdoby@gotgamefastpitch.com.


To Pay 2018 USA Softball of NC Team Sanction click HERE

For Info on purchasing USA Softball Insurance CLICK HERE


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