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At our annual USA Softball of NC State meeting this past weekend, we held a discussion about a topic that no one wants to ever have to deal with or ever hear happening, but it does, and that topic is a sexual predator taking liberties against a player.  We have seen in the news the last year a couple instances where coaches have preyed on a player on their team and somehow influenced the player to run away with them.  This became a discussion because we wanted to make sure that we get out to all our teams about the insurance coverage that USA Softball (thru Bollinger Insurance) has that can protect teams and organizations concerning sexual abuse and sexual predators.  I want to thank Mike Van Horn, who runs events for USA Softball of NC in the eastern part of the state for contacting Bollinger Insurance on behalf of us and finding out this information for us.  I want teams to know that even though many sanctions offer insurance, Bollinger Insurance thru USA Softball is the ONLY SANCTION that provides this specific coverage IN ADDITION to the other medical and liability coverage.  It ALSO covers your team no matter where you play and AT ALL TEAM FUNCTIONS.  The info you will see below is the cost of coverage in NC, but we also encourage our Virginia teams to seriously consider buying this coverage as well.  I am including below the response USA Softball of NC received from our inquiry about sexual abuse coverage and also the cost/comparison of purchasing insurance thru USA Softball.  This was not an easy email to post and I have never pushed insurance on teams/organizations, but I felt this was the time to at least educate everyone on the advantages of Bollinger Insurance and before many teams have purchased their insurance for 2018.  Teams in BOTH states can start the process of purchasing Bollinger Insurance at


We e-mailed Bollinger Insurance for clarification of three specific examples of how this insurance works:
1) A team is at a tournament and a spectator who is at the event takes liberties with a child and the parent wants to sue the coach claiming he/she is negligent in the supervision of the child.

2) A coach is accused of taking liberties with a child on his team.

3) A parent on the team is accused of taking liberties with a child while at a team event.

Bollinger’s Response:

In the scenarios above, we have to assume that either the organization or a covered individual (not the accused individual) is named in a lawsuit.  The coverage would respond for any covered entity or individual named in a lawsuit.  In scenario #1, I would find it hard to believe even in our ridiculous world that the coach could be asked to do more than coach the team, but the coach would be defended in that scenario.
In scenario #2, the coach is on his/her own in the defense, but the organization that allowed the person to coach has coverage if sued.
In scenario #3, the parent is on his/her own, but the team would have the coverage when sued for not doing a better job of preventing the circumstances that allowed the abuse.

USA Softball Non-Photo ID Cards (Based on 12 Players) $180 – $40 team sanction fee so total would be $140.  (Our USA Softball of NC sanction fee will be $40 this year, so that fee is WAIVED if you purchase the Non-photo ID cards. For 2018, our cost for Non-Photo ID cards are $15 player/coaches)  This type of coverage is for teams that do NOT PLAN to play in any CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY EVENTS (I.E. – Regular weekend tourneys with us at Got Game, NSA, Top Gun, USSSA, etc)

USA Softball Photo ID Cards (Based on 12 Players) $264 – $40 team sanction fee so total would be $224. (Photo ID cards are MANDATORY at Regional/National Championship play events. Once again IF you purchase those for your team, the $40 sanction fee is WAIVED. For 2018, our cost for Photo ID cards are $22 player/coaches and you will receive 2 PHOTO ID cards.  Those must be presented at check in for Championship play events)
Common Carrier Fees: (FEES VARY, this was an average of several)
$152 for insurance plus team sanction fee of $50-60 dollars for 1ou and 12u for a total of $202 – $212
$193 for insurance plus team sanction fee of $50-60 dollars for 14u for a total of $243 – $253
$264 for insurance plus team sanction fee of $50-60 dollars for 16u/18u for a total of $314 to $324
IF you have any questions, please contact me at  We hope this has been helpful to teams and organizations.  Thank you, Tim Doby USA Softball of NC JO State Commissioner 910.690.3556

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