Monsterjam 2017

We wanted to let teams know that this year for our Monsterjam events we will be having 4 contests at each park we have a Monsterjam event.  Each winner will a $100 off Entry Fee card for the 2018 Got Game season.  At each park we will be having a Best Dressed Team, Best Dressed Coaching Staff, Best Tent and Best Pumpkin carving contests.  We will also, once again, be ALLOWING teams to DRESS UP IN COSTUMES as long as they are NOT BAGGY!  We do not want anything too loose where it could catch onto another player during games.  Please understand that if we feel it is unsafe we will ask that player to change so be prepared to have their uniform in case.  Many teams have asked about a Trunk or Treat and although we will not be having a certain time set aside to do so, we encourage teams to have candy available for their off games so other teams can come get candy from their tents or trunks of car.  That is totally up to each individual team.  We list below our tourney shirt for this year’s Monsterjam tournaments.  Part of the ink on the shirts is GLOW IN THE DARK!  IF you wish to get a short sleeve they are available ONLY by pre-order.  We also encourage teams to ensure they get the sizes they need to pre-order.  We will only have a limited supply at each park in Adult sizes thru XL so if you need Youth sizes and Adult 2X or 3X then you will need to pre-order.  Please visit to order your shirts and have them at your park on the Saturday of your event.


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