GGF & USA Softball Umpire Sanction Info 2018

Umpire Sanction Info



For more info on becoming an umpire in NC Visit

To Download the GOT GAME FASTPITCH  Umpire form click here: –Umpire registration form 2018




To work in North Carolina you must be a registered USA Softball official – the cost is $55

This can be done online with a background check at 



PLEASE READ ALL of the FOLLOWING INFORMATION Concerning Registering with USA Softball NC & Got Game Fastpitch for 2018

You must complete a USA Softball background check & USA Softball registration Fee in addition to the Got Game Fastpitch Sanction to work in NC.

The Got Game sanction fee will be $40. This must be paid prior to working any games in 2017. As well we need the sanction/ contract form filled out, it’s attached to this email.

You may send it back via Email to GOTGAMEUMPIRES@GMAIL.COM or

fill it out in paper form.

A check may be mailed to:

ASA / USA Softball of NC


6021 Yeaton Glen Drive

Winston Salem, NC 27107

or payment via debit or credit card will also be accepted. You can call 434-426-5837 & payment may be taken over the phone. a $2 Fee will be added for all card payments.

Late registration fee will be $50.

Equipment & Uniforms may be purchased online

Umpires need to wear Heather Grey Plate Pants & Base Pants

as well as Powder Blue Shirts & New Navy hats & ball bags.



GOT GAME Umpire Sanction Form

Name ________________________________________________________________________


Phone # Cell _____________________________(H) ______________________Text__Y / N____

SOCIAL SECURITY # _________________________________________DOB _________________

Emergency Contact _________________________________#_____________________

Email Address ___________________________________________________________

DECLARATION:  I agree to serve as an Independent Contractor with respect to any assignment that I accept. I am solely responsible for myself. Further, I agree to hold GGF LLC and Tournament Directors harmless and free from any and all liability for injury or damage sustained as a result of any assignment. I agree to attend the clinics and take such qualifying tests and examinations as required. I understand and agree that this registration is for one year only, beginning on Jan 1st of this year (2017) and ending on last day of December 2017. Further, I understand that registration does not carry any obligation on the part of the GGF Director for a specific number of assignments. I also understand that the registration fee is nonrefundable. Any assignment that I receive is subject to cancellation by the GGF Director if he/she deems such cancellation to be in the best interest of the Organization. I also agree to keep the GGF Assigner fully informed of all closed dates and will accept assignments offered on those days I have indicated that I am available for assignment. By signing below, I certify that I have not been convicted of a felony. I further certify that if I am charged with a felony, I will notify Got Game Fastpitch LLC immediately.

SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________

DATE _________________________

USA Softball of NC

c/o Amber DeWald

6021 Yeaton Glen Dr

Winston Salem, NC 27107