USA Softball Insurance, Team Sanction Info/HitTrax Softball tourney – FYI

As the season nears we wanted to update teams on a few items.  For our teams in NC, we recommend teams get their Team Insurance and/or Individual Player ID cards thru Bollinger Insurance.  IF your team purchases the player ID cards, then we will waive your $40 team sanction for 2018.  For those who only purchase Bollinger team or any other insurance, you will still need to sanction your team for USA Softball for 2018.  We have listed below both links.

To purchase Bollinger Team Insurance or Individual Player ID Cards please CLICK HERE

To Sanction your team with USA Softball for 2018 CLICK HERE


We wanted to let teams know of a unique event that will take place on March 3 in Durham at Softball Rebellion.  The info is listed below.  We may do more of these events during the season and plan on doing several next off season.  We were given a tour of the this facility this past week and it is very impressive with state of the art equipment.

Hey Everyone,

Softball/Baseball Rebellion is a 12,500 square foot facility in Durham, NC.  We are reaching out today because we are hosting an Indoor HitTrax Tournament on Saturday, March 3rd from 2pm-5pmHitTrax is a ball tracking system that allows hits and pitches to be tracked and displayed in real-time; think of a golf simulator for softball.  We have four (4) HitTrax machines at our indoor facility that allow us to play simulated games.  The HitTrax calls balls & strikes, tracks hits, simulates baserunning & fielding, and keeps stats. Because of the pace of play of the HitTrax games, teams will only be comprised of 5-6 players.  This will allow teams of 10-12 to split into two (2) different teams and double the number of at-bats you’d get at a normal tournament. The tournament setting is focused on hitting so the Softball Rebellion instructors will be the full-time throwers to provide consistency to all the games.  Additional tournament details are as follows:
  • Teams consist of 4-6 hitters – Cost of Entry is $99 per team
  • Each game will be 6 innings long
  • Guaranteed three full games
  • Championship game for the top two teams
  • Winning team gets a Softball Rebellion prize pack!
Please contact Chris Gennaro at 919-309-0040 or if you would like to register your team(s) or if you have any questions.  
Thank You,

Chris Gennaro
Business Manager
Softball/Baseball Rebellion



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