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July 14 – 15; Camp 7 Photos – FYI

Good morning to everyone.  We wanted to let teams know that it will be later this evening that we get the schedules completed for our events in Covington/Martinsville VA and Greensboro/Burlington NC for this coming weekend.  ALL our staff was involved with the Camp 7 that just finished up yesterday and we have much to catch up on so we just wanted to let everyone know about the schedules.  We have received many texts and calls concerning that so this is the best way to inform everyone at the same time.  We will email the coaches first with their schedules then post to website tonight.

We have on our Facebook page (Got Game Fastpitch) a link to where everyone can see the pics our photographer took for Camp 7 on Monday and Tuesday. We would like to thank Thomas Bennett for the great job he did taking pics for us. He has included his password on the Facebook page so you all can download his pics.  We hope to have him back next year.  We also have many other pics posted on our Instagram as well (GotGameFastpitch).  We thank all that attended and that helped us with this camp.  Our 4th year of Camp 7 has been booked with Coach Lonni Alameda for July 8-9, 2018.  We will have the registration link up next week.  We will post to the website when the link goes live for sign ups.