Got Game Fastpitch GAMETIMES

Who's Playing
***POOL Play teams may bat entire team. Once we begin bracket play MAX bat is 11******Base Bandit (Designated Runner) can play DEFENSE in POOL PLAY where we have FREE DEFENSIVE Substitution. In BRACKET PLAY in order for the DR (Base Bandit) to play come into the game into the batting lineup OR as a defensive replacement she must be substituted into the game and the DR (Bandit Runner) is burned for that game***During Warmup and Pool game, we will ALLOW teams FREE DEFENSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS. Once BRACKET play BEGINS, any Substitutions to the original Lineup MUST be entered to Plate Umpire. Reminder to Teams - We must have a CURRENT Roster turned in at EVERY tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for INSURANCE Purposes.
ALL Teams MUST turn in ROSTER BEFORE your 1st Game. NO EXCEPTIONS!***REMINDER to 10u TEAMS - A Complete Game for 10u with Got Game is 6 Innings***
Diamond Sizzler
July 21

Jackson River Sports Complex
870 W. Edgemont
Covington VA
10u is a 1 DayEach team will play 2 POOL Games to be seeded into a Single Elimination Bracket3 Game Guarantee - $23510u - 4 Teams
8:30am Field EPOOLVA Extreme ForceThunderstruck Blackston
9:50am Field EPOOLFreedom PooleMaroon Crush 07
11:15am Field EPOOLVA Extreme ForceFreedom Poole
12:40pm Field E POOLThunderstruck BlackstonMaroon Crush 07
Bracket Link will be on website Monday night***
Diamond Sizzler
July 21-22

Jackson River Sports Complex
870 W. Edgemont
Covington VA
GOLD Seeds 1-6
SILVER Seeds 7-10
Each team will play 2 POOL Games to be seeded into either a GOLD (Seeds 1-6) or SILVER (Seeds 7-10) Double Elimination Bracket 4 Game Guarantee - $31512u - 10 Teams
8:30am Field APOOLLady IntimidatorsRoanoke Blast
8:30am Field BPOOLVA Bandits EliteUnxpected
8:30am Field CPOOLVA Scrappers OrangeVA Rebels
8:30am Field DPOOLLady LegendsAlleghany Dirt Diamonds
9:50am Field BPOOLHalifax Heat PayneUnxpected
9:50am Field CPOOLStarz Gold SealeVA Rebels
9:50am Field DPOOLAlleghany Dirt DiamondsLady Intimidators
11:15am Field BPOOLHalifax Heat PayneRoanoke Blast
11:15am Field CPOOLStarz Gold SealeVA Bandits Elite
11:15am Field DPOOLVA Scrappers OrangeLady Legends
Bracket will be on website Monday night***
Diamond Sizzler
July 21-22

Jackson River Sports Complex
870 W. Edgemont
Covington VA
Each team will play 2 POOL Games to be seeded into a Double Elimination bracket. 4 Game Guarantee - $31516u18u - 7 Teams
9:50am Field APOOLMaroon Crush HelmAftershock Carter
11:15am Field APOOLRoanoke BlastAftershock Kazdyn
12:40pm Field APOOLStealerz McCrayWV Black Diamonds
12:40pm Field BPOOLA-Town CombsAftershock Carter
2:10pm Field APOOLRoanoke BlastMaroon Crush Helm
2:10pm Field BPOOLAftershock KazdynStealerz McCray
3:40pm Field APOOLA-Town CombsWV Black Diamonds
Bracket will be on website Monday night***
Great Smoky Mountain Showcase
July 20-21, 2018 (Fri/Sat)

Bob Lewis Ballpark
1265 Sandhill Road
Candler NC
First ever event at the Bob Lewis Ballpark. This new 7 field complex chose USA Softball of NC to be their sole provider of Fastpitch events. Grand Opening is Thursday at 11:30am PUBLIC INVITED***Each team will play 2 Games each day (1 Hour 20 Minutes FINISH BATTER)The College coaches will be coaching each team throughout the 2 days***14u/16u/18u - 49 Teams
Friday, July 20
8:00am Field 1Team SC GayleRBI 16u
8:00am Field 2Carolina Elite WebsterWNC Extreme
8:00am Field 3SmashHouse MastersWV Patriots Sexton
8:00am Field 4Carolina AftershockTeam NC Huss
8:00am Field 5Carolina Elite OwensAsheville Braves
8:00am Field 6Team NC CroweLady Blues Vanzant
8:00am Field 7VA Carolina EliteNC Firecrackers Holloway
9:30am Field 1NC Bandits RiddleTeam NC Hill
9:30am Field 2Cape Fear StormCarolina Elite Thress
9:30am Field 3VA Scrappers 02 HodgesNC Bandits Bryant
9:30am Field 4NC Comets McGuffeyCarolina Shock 16u
9:30am Field 5Carolina Elite HardisonSC Impact Garrett
9:30am Field 6Lady Blues DugginsBlue Ridge Sudden Impact
9:30am Field 7Lady Blues VanzantPalmetto Outlaws
11:00am Field 1Carolina Elite WebsterMaroon Crush 16u
11:00am Field 2T2 Softball PierceWV Patriots Sexton
11:00am Field 3NC Comets HallCarolina Elite Thress
11:00am Field 4Team NC CroweVA Scrappers 02 Hodges
11:00am Field 5Black Widows 18uNC Firecrackers Hudgins
11:00am Field 6NC Firecrackers HollowayPalmetto Outlaws
11:00am Field 7SmashHouse MastersCarolina Flames Elite Barrington
12:30pm Field 1Florida Renegades ZweifelStar City Elite
12:30pm Field 2Maroon Crush 16uTeam NC Hill
12:30pm Field 3Team SC GayleWNC Extreme
12:30pm Field 4SC Impact GarrettTeam NC Horne
12:30pm Field 5Team NC HussCarolina Shock 16u
12:30pm Field 6Carolina Aftershock Carolina Elite Owens
12:30pm Field 7Carolina Elite HardisonLady Blues Duggins
3:00pm Field 1Carolina Elite MaddalunaExtreme Performance Kinnaird
3:00pm Field 2RBI 16uNC Bandits Riddle
3:00pm Field 3Carolina Rage LeeCarolina Cobras Morton
3:00pm Field 4Team NC FellmethCarolina Cardinals Apple
3:00pm Field 5Low Country LegendsJacksonville Storm Booth
3:00pm Field 6Asheville BravesNC Comets McGuffey
3:00pm Field 7Blue Ridge Sudden ImpactTeam NC Horne
4:30pm Field 1VA Carolina EliteNC Bandits Bryant
4:30pm Field 2Extreme Performance KinnairdCarolina Rage Lee
4:30pm Field 3Carolina Elite MaddulunaFlorida Renegades Zweifel
4:30pm Field 4Lady Blues ButcherCarolina Elite Page
4:30pm Field 5Team NC FellmethSmashHouse 14u
4:30pm Field 6SC Mojo HanksBlack Widows
4:30pm Field 7Carolina Flames HawkinsNC Firecrackers Hudgins
6:00pm Field 1T2 Softball PierceNC Comets Hall
6:00pm Field 2Star City EliteCarolina Cobras Morton
6:00pm Field 3Lady Blues ButcherSmashHouse 14u
6:00pm Field 4Cape Fear StormCarolina Flames Barrington
6:00pm Field 5Carolina Elite PageCarolina Cardinals Apple
6:00pm Field 6Jacksonville Storm BoothCarolina Flames Hawkins
6:00pm Field 7Low Country LegendsSC Mojo Hanks
Saturday July 21
8:00am Field 1Carolina Elite HardisonBlue Ridge Sudden Impact
8:00am Field 2Lady Blues DugginsTeam NC Horne
8:00am Field 3Low Country LegendsCarolina Flames Hawkins
8:00am Field 4VA Carolina ElitePalmetto Outlaws
8:00am Field 5Extreme Performance KinnairdFlorida Renegades Zweifel
8:00am Field 6RBI 16uTeam NC Hill
8:00am Field 7Star City EliteCarolina Rage Lee
9:30am Field 1Jacksonville Storm BoothSC Mojo Hanks
9:30am Field 2NC Firecrackers HollowayVA Scrappers 02 Hodges
9:30am Field 3Asheville BravesCarolina Shock 16u
9:30am Field 4Team SC GayleMaroon Crush 16u
9:30am Field 5Team NC CroweVA Carolina Elite
9:30am Field 6Lady Blues ButcherTeam NC Fellmeth
9:30am Field 7Carolina Elite PageSmashHouse 14u
11:00am Field 1Black Widows 18uCarolina Flames Hawkins
11:00am Field 2Carolina Aftershock Carolina Shock 16u
11:00am Field 3Carolina Elite HardisonTeam NC Horne
11:00am Field 4Carolina Elite MaddalunaCarolina Rage Lee
11:00am Field 5Team SC GayleCarolina Elite Webster
11:00am Field 6Florida Renegades ZweifelCarolina Cobras Morton
11:00am Field 7Cape Fear StormWV Patriots Sexton
12:30pm Field 1Team NC HussCarolina Elite Owens
12:30pm Field 2Carolina Elite PageTeam NC Fellmeth
12:30pm Field 3Blue Ridge Sudden ImpactCarolina Cardinals Apple
12:30pm Field 4Jacksonville Storm BoothNC Firecrackers Hudgins
12:30pm Field 5NC Bandits RiddleMaroon Crush 16u
12:30pm Field 6SmashHouse MastersCarolina Elite Thress
12:30pm Field 7Lady Blues ButcherSC Impact Garrett
3:00pm Field 1Carolina AftershockAsheville Braves
3:00pm Field 2Carolina Elite OwensNC Comets McGuffey
3:00pm Field 3SC Impact GarrettLady Blues Duggins
3:00pm Field 4Extreme Performance KinnairdStar City Elite
3:00pm Field 5RBI 16uWNC Extreme
3:00pm Field 6SmashHouse 14uCarolina Cardinals Apple
3:00pm Field 7Carolina Elite WebsterTeam NC Hill
4:30pm Field 1Carolina Flames BarringtonCarolina Elite Thress
4:30pm Field 2SC Mojo HanksNC Firecrackers Hudgins
4:30pm Field 3Team NC HussNC Comets McGuffey
4:30pm Field 4Low Country LegendsBlack Widows 18u
4:30pm Field 5Lady Blues VanzantVA Scrappers 02 Hodges
4:30pm Field 6WV Patriots SextonNC Comets Hall
4:30pm Field 7T2 Softball PierceNC Bandits Bryant
6:00pm Field 1Cape Fear StormSmashHouse Masters
6:00pm Field 2Carolina Flames BarringtonNC Comets Hall
6:00pm Field 3Team NC CroweNC Firecrackers Holloway
6:00pm Field 4Lady Blues VanzantNC Bandits Bryant
6:00pm Field 5T2 Softball PierceNC Bandits Bryant
6:00pm Field 6NC Bandits RiddleWNC Extreme
6:00pm Field 7Carolina Elite MaddalunaCarolina Cobras Morton